Garmin G1000 for King Air

Garmin G1000 for King Air

Thursday 13th of October 2011

Ultimately this is the King Air package. G1000 Avionics Package is developed solely for this airframe and has everything needed to integrate your entire flight system. With only a few additional options available, the King Air G1000 retrofit by Garmin almost have it all. It is a complete package built to fit into the King Air and engineered for this aircraft.

So what do you get with a King Air G1000 Avionics Package

  • LCD flight displays – dual 10-inch PFDs; large 15-inch MFD
  • Dual integrated radio modules, providing WAAS-certified GPS; VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication with 16-watt transceivers and 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Dual Mode-S transponders with Extended Squitter (Extended-squitter version is optional on C90)
  • Dual solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Dual RVSM-compliant digital air data computers
  • Three-axis digital Automatic Flight Control System
  • Four-color digital weather radar with stabilization
  • Integrated Class-B TAWS terrain alerting with worldwide terrain and U.S. obstacles database

Some advantages to this type of a retrofit is that the installation is tailored to the aircraft and the guess work is taken out of the equation. Also the standard issue with manufacturing a custom panel for installation, or modifying the existing panel, is replaced by a factory Garmin panel making it a quick solution.

The larger interface makes flying a breeze. Although there are other solutions the truth is that, bigger is better. With larger readouts there is less fatigue and greater accuracy. This becomes even more of an advantage when the flight becomes bumpy. Trying to monitor analogue gauges or a smaller PFD when Mother Nature decides to get nasty can be extremely difficult. This is the exact type of situation where bad can get worse and fast… With larger PFD’s and a huge MFD all of your read outs are larger than life. The larger LCD’s make it easier for the pilot to read the critical information that they need. This in turn reduces critical fatigue and increases awareness allowing the pilot to focus on flight.

There is a reason why the G1000 system is OEM equipment for some of the best NEW aircraft in the world. If there was a more cost effective way to provide an aircraft with the data required for modern aviation they would be using it. With the majority of Garmin G1000 installations being in NEW aircraft King Air is the only airframe that has this option. This a testament to both the aircraft and Garmin.

Added Bonus

The G1000 has the option to connect automatically with Maintenance through its optional WiFi interface and Data Logger. This system simplifies the maintenance by keeping the service crew informed of what is going on with the aircraft.

When a G1000 aircraft which is equipped with this feature lands, the on-board data center connects to the network and relays flight information back to the fleet’s service center. Critical information is relayed to the organizations maintenance managers. This allows better control over an aircraft's scheduled maintenance by putting all of the right information in the professional’s hands. If there are any irregularities found by Garmin’s Data Logger it can either save lives or save aircraft downtime by combining several system checks into a routine maintenance inspection.