Student Pilot Supplies

Student Pilot Supplies

Thursday 13th of October 2011

One late night at Clark Airfield in the Philippines the CEO and Director of Operations for Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated set out on a mission! They sat down with a pot of hot coffee to figure out a solution to the ongoing problem of student pilot supplies. They had recognized that often times future pilots are left standing with their jaws open and confused about which items they truly need. Student pilots being new to the industry can find it a daunting task to select everything that they need and sort out that list without ending up with just the items they want. 

After many hours of discussion and one of the strongest pots of coffee ever made, they came up with the short list of items necessary to the education of young aviators. They then broke them into three groups… the Sulit Pack, the Junior Pilot Pack, and The Pro Pilot Pack. Within these three groups you will find the essential items you will need to start your training.


The Sulit Pack is a budget oriented package with the barebones of what you will need to start your training for your Personal Pilots License. It has all the essential items needed for your VFR training. All of this with a cool Garmin bag to stow your gear away.


The Junior Pilot Pack comes with everything the Sulit Package has but with some upgrades and a few extras thrown in. Some of the cool gadgets included in this is a QSTARZ GPS Data Logger. This will allow you to track each flight via GPS and review it on the ground from the comfort of your own computer. It also includes an upgraded pilot bag that you will be using for many years as a future pilot.


The Pro Pilot Pack includes all of our best selling items! Included is everything you will find in the Junior Pilot Pack and expands on those options. This kit comes with a few added extras but none are worth more mention than the CX-2 Pathfinder. This created the standard in Digital Fight computers. It is so powerful that it should only be used after you learn how to compute everything manually. The CX-2 gives you such an edge, and eliminates error, that it has become standard equipment for many pilots. 


If you are a student pilot on the quest to acquire your Personal Pilot License it is not necessary to focus on IFR instrumentation. However if it is your goal to obtain your Commercial Pilots License then it is never too soon to an introduction. Garmin Portables are the perfect solution. Ask one of our sales people about adding a Garmin Portable to your order.

Regardless of which package you choose you come out on top. These packages were not only put together by aviation professionals, but also with pilots! With industry standard equipment like the David Clark headset, Pilot Log Books, and CX-2 Pathfinder, it won’t be long before you are flying solo.

So if you are a student with aspirations of becoming a pilot, and you are located in Asia looking for pilot supplies, then you have come to the right place. Please download the brochure or contact us for more information regarding the prices