Monday 22nd of September 2014

Description of Product

GEN-X is the newest electronic Flight Bag from DAC International

The GEN-X was built from the ground up. the hardware component is designed to be a Parts Manufactured Approved (PMA) system with full multi-functional capabilities that allows for connectivity, control and synchronization for all onboard computing requirements to include EFB functionality as well as third party Windows software applications. The system consists of a separate processor and an optional 10.4" display. The unit is also ruggedized for helicopter operation.

Key Features

  • Dual Core Processor
  • 4 Gigabyte RAM
  • 3 External Serial Ports
  • 4 External USB (including the two Display ports)
  • 4 in and 2 out Arinc 429 High or Low speed
  • 80 gig minimum Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 1 GbE Ethernet Port
  • LVDS ad VGA output, XGA resolution
  • 28 Volt DC input, Aircraft Power
  • NiMH Battery backup, avoids FAA Lithium concerns
  • Tested to DO-16oF standards including helicopter levels
  • PMA Product*
  • No cable limitations 
Electronic Charting- Gen-X supports electronic Chart applications from third-party suppliers such as Jeppesen(R), Lido(Lufthansa Systems) and Navtech.

Electronic Checklists- Gen-X will support Customizable Electronic Checklists that may include emergency operations, standard procedures, etc. in any file format supported by the operating system.

Centered Maps- The Gen-X utilizes the necessary hardware interfaces, ARINC inputs, serial inputs, etc., to support centered maps using GPS or other FMS navigational data inputs.

Electronic documentation- easy access to electronic documentation saves the hassle of finding the proper documents in the flight manuals.

Performance Applications- Various performance applications can be utilized and parameter saved for later use by the ground operations staff.

Weather displays- The high resolution of the Gen-X provides excellent detail of the weather information provided by the supported weather systems.

Video- Using the desired hardware interface, video input can be provided NTSC, PAL or RS170 formats allowing for use of cabin cameras, etc.

Maintenance and Technical Logs-technical reports, pilot logs, surveys, and so on can be saved and downloaded for future actions by ground operation or maintenance crews using supported software programs.

Special Applications- The multi--function capabilities of the Ge-x allow for a multitude of special program operations.

Connectivity Options- With the proper software and hardware options the Gen-X can support a wide variety of connectivity using the provided interfaces.

Gen-X Specification Highlights


One sizes, one color
Length (in.)                  Width(in.)                    Depth(in.)
  10.04                              7.32                            1.25

  • Color non-reflective black
  • Weight: <6lbs, 2.27 Kg
  • Display area = 10.4 diagonal
  • Pixel density = 1024x768
  • Luminosity: >1000 Nits dimmable to <1 Nit
  • Power requirements: Developed and supplied by RPU (12 VDC Nominal)

10.4"  Display

  • 10.4" with Resistive touch interface

  • High-Bright Sunlight Readable display
  • Operates in Landscape or Portrait mode
  • Dual USB front panel connectors
  • Size comparable to current 8" display
  • On/Off to RPU
  • Bright/Dim buttons
  • Dimmable to dark
  • Pigtail for ease of mounting and cable routing
  • PMA Product*