Monday 22nd of September 2014

P.M. Research, Inc. offers the best erison protection available in the industry.

P.M. Research, Inc. protective masks are made to fit your aircraft. Masks for over 300 models of aircraft are i stock and ready for immediate delivery. If you have a radome that  we do not have a mask for, we will make one for you.

Protective masks and leading edge tape from P.M. Research have never, and will never yellow. This is our promise to you. In fact, we have proof that even after 5 years of service our masks still look great.

Protection this great and almost invisible. Our protective masks are so thin, once applied they seem to disappear from view. But the protection will easily be seen for years to come.

Installation of our masks is quick and easy. Average installation time is 15 to 30 minutes. Our instruction manual is complete and easy to understand. A comprehensive installation video is also available.

Protection masks and leading edge tape from P.M. Research, Inc. 

          Simply The Best!! 

P.M. Research, Inc.Protective Mask

Actual photo after 5 years, 4 months of service

P.M. Research Inc. Protective Masks:

* Models To Fit All Aircraft !

* Always Available !

* Never Yellow !

* Thinnest Available !

* Quick & Easy To Install !

Simple The Best !