C1 Single CHT

C1 Single CHT

The C-1 provides pilots with Cylinder Head Temperature readings in a stable, one-degree digital format. The large, crisp LCD is viewable in direct sunlight and is backlit, making it easy to monitor your CHT.

The line of Electronics International digital instruments offers precise readings at exceptional prices. All gauges are accurate to 1% and are FAA-approved under STC No.1626NM. Furnished complete with all probes and leads.

C-1: Single Channel CHT Kit, 2 1/4" Mount, 2.5" Depth, 12 Oz. Kit, STCd, TSOd, PMAd, 1 Degree Resolution, Accurate within 1/2%, Viewable in direct sunlight, Backlit, Operates from 7.5 to 35 volts at .1 amp.

Package Includes: Unit, 1 ea. 6 Cable, 1 ea. CHT Probe (Screw-in P-100 CHT Probe, unless otherwise specified.), All Wires and Connectors.