CGR-30P 3 1/8" Engine Monitor

CGR-30P 3 1/8" Engine Monitor

Replace your Tachometer with EI’s CGR-30P, and bring glass panel technology to your panel today, without breaking the bank.  The CGR-30P is a TSO’d, STC’d Primary Replacement engine instrument.  What can it replace?  The answer: most of the aircraft’s primary engine functions.

The beauty of the CGR-30P is that YOU get to choose many of the functions the CGR-30P replaces.  Designed as a Cluster Gauge Replacement (CGR), the CGR will replace your Tachometer, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Flow Totalizer, EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer, and more!

The CGR is divided into three separate screens.  The three screens are the Main Screen, Secondary Screen, and the Fuel Management Screen.

  • STC’d & TSO’d
  • 3 ⅛ “
  • Flush Mount
  • Four Screens
  • Over Twenty Functions