Primary Replacement Fuel Pressure and Flow

The FP-5-LxxHyy and FP-5L-LxxHyy(Lxx = Low Pressure Limit and Hyy = High Pressure Limit) give pilots a precision solution to replacing Primary Fuel Pressure Indicators. They perform all of the same tasks as the "Standard" FP-5 and FP-5L, but the Auxiliary Channel is utilized for Fuel Pressure only, and the upper and lower pressure limits are hard-coded into the instrument (specify pressure limits when ordering).

Many fuel flow monitors are either quick to respond and unstable, or stable but very sluggish in response to mixture control adjustments. The Primary FP-5 and FP-5L use special proprietary algorithms, which enable the instruments to display fuel flow that is rock solid, yet responds instantly to the slightest mixture change.

Not only are the Primary FP-5 and FP-5L outstanding examples of precision craftsmanship, but the flow transducers that provide the instruments with flow information are literally hand assembled by Electronics International's skilled technicians, ensuring every component of the transducer is finely tuned and balanced. This kind of obsessive attention to quality is one of the many things that sets our company apart from the rest, and is the reason why our flow transducers are used throughout the aviation industry.

The FP-5-LxxHyy and FP-5L-LxxHyy are Primary Replacement, FAA STC'd Instruments.