MVP-50T Turbo Prop Monitor

MVP-50T Turbo Prop Monitor

The MVP-50T has redefined what a Turboprop engine analyzer should be. This premiere engine monitoring dynamo includes accurate, programmable monitoring for all major Turboprop functions, including N1, N2, ITT, Torque, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Volts, Amps, Fuel Level, Fuel Flow, Time to Empty, and many other critical functions.

In addition, the MVP-50T offers pilots customized, interactive checklists, custom information screens, Programmable Temp Limits, Data Recording Capabilities, and the convenience of a USB Port on the front of the bezel for easy changes in configurations, data recording downloads and other critical files.

The bottom line is that there is no other system that even comes close to offering the functionality provided by the MVP-50T!

Programmable Over and Under Temp Limits

These limits provide pilots with immediate alerts whenever critical function parameters are exceeded during flight.

Onboard Data-Recording

This on board functionality gives pilots the capability to review entire flight histories for any flight. The System Screen is dedicated to aircraft systems, including flaps, trim and rudder, as well as whatever other functions you want to view.

Customizable Checklists

Allow the MVP-50T to visually inform you which steps have and have not been completed in each checklist.

General Information Screens and Flight Plan Screens

These screens can be customized to store critical flight information, allowing you to create a “virtual cockpit,” free of the pieces of paper pilots regularly have to juggle to stay on top of in-flight operations.

Onboard USB Port

This conveniently located port allows pilots to quickly change configurations, update firmware, upload checklists, upload flight plans, upload general information screens, and download critical flight data logs.