Engine analysis is performed automatically with the US-8A. Two displays, with up to 8 Temperature Probes per display, allow pilots to monitor up to sixteen different temperatures, including EGT, CHT, TIT, OAT, Carb Temp, Cowl Temp, Oil Temp, and virtually any other temperature.

Scanning Channels

Step through each channel with the Step Switch, or place the instrument into Scan Mode and have it monitor the entire suite of monitored temperatures automatically. A programmable Scan Rate lets pilots choose between 1 to 9 seconds per channel.


The US-8A comes complete with programmable alarms for each individual input channel. This means pilots have the capability to set unique upper and lower alarms for each cylinder. The ability to individually set redlines for your EGT’s and CHT’s is absolutely critical, as some engines have cylinders with substantially different operating ranges from one another. Just because cylinder number 4 might have a redline of 1350 does not mean Cylinder 1 has the same redline. Other manufactures claim otherwise, because their instruments do not have this ability to set individual redlines.

More Alarms

On top of the already impressive individual redline programmability, the US-8A comes complete with a CHT shock-cooling limit, and an EGT differential limit. Shock cooling will alert you if your cylinders exceed a cooling rate that could result in thermal shock. The EGT differential alarm will keep an eye out for rogue EGT’s that may be an indication of a larger problem occurring in your engine.

Easy Programability

All programming for the US-8A is performed from the front of the instrument, using the same common sense navigation found in all EI instruments.

Data Recording

For only $98, any US-8A can be upgraded to download data to an EI MUX-8A Data Recorder. Specify at the time of ordering, or send it in for a retrofit.