The VA-1A provides pilots with precision volts and amps. A “High Volts ” alarm will alert you of a high voltage situation, and the “Discharge” will alert you when your battery is running low on power. A switch on the back of the instrument allows installers to easily choose between 12 and 24 volt systems.

VA-1A vs VA-1A-XX

In order to accurately monitor amps in an aircraft, a voltammeter must have a shunt through which aircraft current flows. This shunt is built into the VA-1A, meaning you do not have to purchase a shunt with the VA-1A. The VA-1A-XX (where “XX ” is the value of the shunt), on the other hand, must be connected to an external shunt. Be sure to specify what your shunt value is when ordering. If you aren’t certain, download “Determining Your Shunt Value” for steps on how to locate what shunt you have installed on your aircraft.


The VA-1A is a Primary Replacement, FAA STC’d instrument.