BT-Q1000XTM, a specially-designed GPS Mileage logging solution, is suitable device for Tax report, Business or Fleet management. Easy to process and monitor expanse and mileage reimbursements. No monthly subscription fees required. BT-Q1000XTM is a very convenient and easily-operated tool to make your business efficient.

Hardware Features:

  • Adopt MTK II latest chipset with high sensitivity -165dBm and 66-Channel tracking
  • Ultra lower power consumption up to 42hrs operation
  • Less than 15-Sec. A-GPS fix support: download almanac data to realize faster TTFF and positioning under warm start
  • Stand-Alone travel recorder to log up to 400,000 records
  • POI button design to record your point of interest immediately
  • 3-level Switch for easily switch Travel Recorder to LOG or NAV (Navigation + Log) mode
  • Raise beeper function to notice some status of device
  • Integrate Vibration sensor to smartly manage power saving and waypoint saving
  • Support Time schedule function to automatically start logging and stop logging by setting multiple time interval in specific or periodic date per requirement
  • Support Speed Alarm function to prompt over speed status by beeping sound
  • Update Rate 1~5Hz changeable by utility provide d (receiving 5Hz update rate only, logging only 1Hz maximum)
  • G-Mouse + Bluetooth in one: wired and wireless GPS receiver
  • Fast Position Fix ,Cold start 35s, Warm start 33s,Hot start 1s
  • Personal/Portable Navigation (PDA, Smartphone, PC, etc.)

Software Features:

  • Dual Software inside - QMileage and QTravel
  • QMileage- Your Reliable Mileage Collector
  • Record mileage log and create mileage report automatically
  • Manage date, mileage, cost records, and expanse records
  • Easy to process, monitor expanses and mileage reimbursements
  • Multi-user access & database structure for easy operation
  • No monthly subscription fees to save cost
  • Auto search corresponding start/end address
  • QTravel- Your Best Travel Mate
  • Database structure to collect and import/exportl track data easily
  • With built-in Google Map, Multi-language support, and Visualization UI
  • Auto track split function helps you organize your travel path
  • Support Track Edit function allowing you to remove unnecessary waypoints
  • Output your travel record as GPX / PLT / CSV / NMEA / Google Earth file format.
  • Support GeoTagging function for digital photo and generate KMZ file easily
  • GPS configurable for Beeper, Vibration sensor, Time schedule setting