Portable Collision Avoidance System XRX

Portable Collision Avoidance System XRX

This portable unit provides excellent detection at a fraction of the cost of installed units. The XRX is the world’s only portable collision avoidance system to deliver target bearing information from within the cockpit.


  • “3-D” view Quadrant Direction, 45° increments 
  • Instant traffic updates with no delays 
  • Completely portable and self-contained 
  • Digital range, scalable from 6NM to 1NM 
  • Audio voice alerts for threats and advisories
  • Relative altitude, scalable from ±2500 ft to ±500 ft, with ascending/descending indicator
  • Designed for metal, composite or fabric-covered airframes, high- or low-wing
  • Displays top three intruders 
  • Semi-transparent, polycarbonate housing
  • A built-in altimeter, a built-in compass, and built-in turn/bank and internal thermal sensing provide the highest, real-time accuracy available 
  • Built-in directional antenna 
  • Menu-driven interface, with selectable aircraft profiles and advanced calibration options
  • Displays the local squawk code, pressure altitude, bank angle, bearing and temperature 
  • Integrates with third-party moving map and EFIS systems, including Garmin, Blue Mountain, and others.

Simple menu-driven interface gives access to all configuration areas, including separate altitude and range settings, and two different display arrangements. Small size (4”h x 3 1/2”w x 2 3/4”d) does not obstruct pilot’s view. A great supplement to assist in the tenuous task of scanning for traffic. 


Audio cable (for alerts through a headset), cigarette lighter power adapter, silicone gripper feet, VELCRO mounting dots, owner's manual on CD-ROM, quick reference guide.