GARMIN Products

Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated offers Garmin aviation equipment sales and service. With a strong partnership, we are able to offer to our client’s excellent price incentives on installation of new Garmin products, and service of existing installations. 

If you are an owner of a single prop airplane, or the director of an aviation company, and would like to install state of the art Garmin equipment in your aircraft, AASI is your answer. With AASI’s intense attention to detail, and a reputation unparalleled in the aviation industry, you can feel at ease knowing that your investment is safe and reliable. 

To find out how Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated can help you. Speak with one of our Garmin Tech Reps to get a true glimpse at what you can achieve through our service and sales department. From new aircraft to retrofits, AASI offers the best in aviation standards and offers the latest technology from Garmin.

  • Flight Decks

    Flight Decks

    Garmin Flight decks are at the cutting edge of aviation technology. Through their innovative approach of integrating avionics with intuitive controls, and redundant safeguards, Garmin is capable of providing flight crews with the equipment needed to arrive safe at their destination. Contact Asian Aeronautics Services today to get an expert evaluation of your needs and the Garmin products AASI has to offer.

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  • Avionics


    Garmin produces high-end avionics for the aviation community. With so many options to choose from the only limitation is budget. For an idea on what AASI can do for you we have provided a limited selection of Garmin avionics to review. With a long list of items in our product catalog AASI has what you need to get off the ground again. Contact us today to get an expert evaluation of your needs and the products Garmin has to offer.

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  • Sport Aviation

    Sport Aviation

    Garmin leads the way in versatile, budget-friendly, avionics designed for sport and experimental aircraft. With Multifunction and Primary Flight Displays providing accurate detailed information on your planes performance, coupled with Garmin’s reliable avionics, aviators can feel confident in the air. With excellent sales, service, and installation Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated is is the only name you need to know when it comes to the Garmin product line.

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  • Portable GPS

    Portable GPS

    Providing a cost effective solution for budget minded pilots while putting minds at ease through redundancy. For those who are in love with dials and gyros but want to experience a little that the new world has to offer a portable solution from Garmin brings home. Even though these units won’t empty your wallet they do come packed with features. If you are looking for a fast easy upgrade contact AASI today and let one of our experienced Tech Reps answer your questions.

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