Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Asia Aeronautics Services Incorporated is one of the leading companies in Asia for spare aviation parts. With its inventory warehouse located in the Duty Free Zone in Clark, and at one of the longest airstrips in the region, it is a convenient stop for airlines of any size.

Some of the advantages to using AASI are the ability to provide impeccable Inventory Control and Management. Providing companies with a way to track their parts and count on them being there when needed. AASI also offers a way for smaller companies to pool their parts giving them the advantage of a large company. The location of the parts department in the Duty Free Zone reduces the amount of paperwork involved with customs, frees up valuable resources, and decreases time spent in maintenance. This allows aircraft to spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.

Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated is a bonded and licensed distributor and parts outlet. This offers our clients a safe and secure location to rely on. With 24 hour top level security and an advanced inventory program, there is no other company that comes close to AASI.

If you are a company who is looking to expand into the Asian market, already operating in the Asian market, or an individual in need of a few items along the way; Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated can offer you a parts solution that will fit exactly with what you need. Our solutions are safe, scalable, and reliable. With almost two decades of experience in the Philippines we can eliminate most of the issues that make doing business cost prohibitive, and get you in the air, and on time.

For more information on how Asian Aeronautics Services Incorporated can provide you with a parts solution, contact an AASI professional today.