About Us

Company Profile

Asian Aeronautical Services Inc. (AASI) was formed in 1993 and Incorporated to serve the Aviation needs of the Philippines particularly in Corporate and General Aviation areas of the industry in the Philippines. We saw that there were a significant section of aircraft fleet comprising Turbo Prop and Jet aircraft mainly King Airs, Citation Jets, Eurocopter and Bell helicopters that were departing for both scheduled annual maintenance and upgrade of systems to be carried out in Singapore or Australia. It was decided to establish a facility in Manila that was capable of carrying out this work at the same standard or better than was being provided overseas using experienced Philippine mechanics and technicians trained in the Philippines and overseas with a mixed Philippine and Australian management.

We have been providing a very high standard of service since and stemmed the out flow of aircraft overseas for maintenance. Even during the Asian economic crisis in 1997 and the Global crisis of 2008 we have continued to grow and diversified as the market changed into areas where we could support the aviation industry by providing International Aircraft Maintenance standards and support to our customers.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the Philippine and Regional Aviation Communities access to International standard aviation maintenance and services support by providing International standards in our CAAP approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO).

To introduce, supply, install and provide ongoing service support for the latest technology available from proven OEM products available, through appointment by OEM’s dealerships and service center and a professional capability exceeding the average AMO service providers in the Philippines.

To continue to identify and provide for the future requirements of the regional aviation community and be a leader in our industry within our region and beyond.


In keeping with our Mission Statement and the growing demand in all sectors of the Aviation Industry’s need for new technology particularly in the realm of Avionics and Electronics AASI has established not only a very capable and well equipped Avionics Workshop conducting bench testing and repair but also a superior capability in Avionics and Electronic display systems installations.

We have developed a very capable Avionics and Electronics Installation Department that has began by manufacturing complete aircraft wire harnesses for FAA Experimental category aircraft more than 4 years ago until the present day. We have translated this experience into the certified aircraft category Avionics STC Modifications and Retro fit Upgrades. Our Avionics Installation Department is normally engaged two or more Upgrades of certified aircraft at any time.

The wire harnesses that are needed for the Upgrades Installations are manufactured in advance at our Avionics shop and we install the complete wire harnesses for the Avionics in panel stacks and Instrument panels for these aircraft. The typical Avionics and Electronics panel equipment we install is Garmin in panel IFR Avionics either a GNS430W/GNS530W or SL 30 as the COMM/NAVs a GMA340 Audio panel and GTX330 Transponder. We also install Garmin G600G500 SVT PFD/MFD to these aircraft. We install Electronic Instruments Inc TSO’d MVP50-P Electronic Instrument Systems for the engine and airframe systems indications display which compliment the G500/600 PFD/MFD’s well giving a truly “Glass Cockpit” Panel!


  1. Providing general aircraft maintenance capabilities including:
    1. We provide AMO Maintenance of Turbo Prop, Fan Jet, Jet fixed wing aircraft and turbine helicopters involved in Corporate and General Aviation operations as per our CAAP capability list. Spares provisioning and inventory control. Computer based Maintenance forecasting and control.
    2. AMO Maintenance of Aero Diesel Thielert Centurion Engined and AVGAS piston engines aircraft.
    3. Repair and rework of airframe, engine or electrical components and accessories installed to Jet, Turbo Prop or piston engined aircraft as per our CAAP approved capability listing.
    4. Providing Line Maintenance and Specialist services of avionics, communications and navigation equipment, service and support including Test and Certification of the Transponder / Pitot static systems and Compass swing and calibrations.
  2. Dealerships and Service Center services for OEM manufacturers to Supply and Install the OEM’s products including:
    1. AASI is the Garmin appointed Distributor, Service Center and in panel Installer of the full range of Garmin In Panel NAV/COMM/GPS products, the G500/G600 Glass Cockpit retro fitted as per the FAA STC. We were advised by Garmin Asia Pacific that we are their only Distributor, Service Center carrying out in panel installations such as GNS430/530W, SL30/40 etc GPS/COMM/NAV Garmin products and G500 and G600 PFD/MFD Displays.
    2. AASI is the Thielert appointed Service Center for its Centurion series 1.7, 2.0 and 4.0 engine models.
    3. AASI is the Sandia Aerospace appointed products Distributor and Installer.
    4. AASI is the Electronic Instruments Inc USA appointed supplier and Installer for the Electronic Instruments Systems displaying all Engine and Electrical systems Info in panel on a Glass style display.e. AASI is the Ameriking appointed supplier and installer for its range 406 ELT systems in fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.
    5. AASI is the Philippine Partner for Qstarz GPS Tracking systems range of products.
  3. Providing Complete Engineering, AMO Maintenance and Flight Operations and Technical Services and Records support for Flying Schools:
    1. Philippine Airlines Flying School. Since 1999 we have supported the flight operations of Philippine Airlines Flying School fleet of 10 Cessna 172R (Five are Garmin G1000 equipped) in Clarkfield Pampanga Clark Freeport zone. We provide minimum of 12 hours of operations 6 days per week, including the pre flights, turnarounds and after flight inspections and carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections and defect rectification. We also provide for computer based forecasting and maintenance control, spare parts supply and provisioning.
    2. AASI also provides maintenance and specialized services such as Avionics and Airframe and Power plant support, spare parts supply upgrade of avionics and Nav/Comms etc for several other schools in the Philippines such as Omni Aviation and WCC Aviation.
    1. We have a strong belief that training is essential to the further development of our company and the regional Aviation Industry. Therefore we are building our Training departments abilities beyond a comprehensive In Initial and Recurrency in House training of Mechanics and Aero Engineers roll. In 2011 we will be offering Post Graduate training of aircraft Mechanics and Aero Engineers.
    2. This Post graduate training focuses on the development of Graduates from CAAP ATO schools through in class room and hands on work experience that will develop their skills level to where they will be competent to undertake employment with AMO’s and MRO’s.
    3. AASI will continue to strive to provide training opportunities for Avionics professional trainees that will provide a competent pool of Mechanics Technicians and Engineers into the future replacing the severely depleted Philippine Technical workforce. We see this as an essential service to ensure that the Philippine Aviation Industry not only survives but continues to grow to meet future demands and technology introduced.
    1. AASI was recently routinely audited by ICAO and CAAP as the contracted AMO provider for Philippine Airlines Aviation School (PALAS) and was complimented by the ICAO Lead Auditor alongside PALAS for the high standards we apply and were declared compliant with all the requirements to renew the PALAS ATO. This serves as a measurement of our success in our unwavering efforts to be not only compliant but exceed where necessary all the relevant CAAP CAR requirements of CAAP through a commitment to Quality.
    2. Working from our solidly based capabilities and experience as an AMO and particularly in Avionics, Airframe and on board systems upgrades we are actively seeking new customers, new activities, new technology requirements, Aviation equipment manufacturers and MRO’s to represent or sub contract our services to. We are introducing upgrades and retro fitting new systems to our capability such as, In Flight Entertainment Systems and Electronic News Gathering or ENG Helicopter systems for TV Networks use as is being used extensively in the USA and Europe media networks extensively.