Entegra Release 9 for Extra EA-500 Aircraft


  • Dual or triple Integrated Flight Displays
  • Dual-redundant ADAHRS
  • Dual FMS900w WAAS-capable GPS/FMS
  • Easy-to-use FMS QWERTY Keyboard w/Display
  • Dual-channel Digital Byteflight Databus
  • Dual 16-Watt VHF NAV/COM Radios
  • New 2-year Warranty

                                R9 System Advantages

R9 is designed from the ground up for simplicity, redundancy, and serviceability, and is ideally suited for the Extra 500 aircraft and Single-Pilot IFR operations.

With R9, you’ll have three identical IFD5000 displays, with dual ADAHRS sensors, accessible from any of the three displays.


                                R9 System Advantages

Dual SBAS/LPV-capable FMS900w Flight Management Systems (FMS) include an easy-to-use FMS keypad with a full QWERTY keyboard and display.

The FMS900w dramatically simplifies Single Pilot IFR navigation. Flight plans can be entered on the FMS keypad or right from any of the IFD bezel controls. The FMS900w features full Airway Flight Planning capability and Avidyne’s exclusive GeoFill™, which simplifies flight plan entry by as much as 75%.


The FMS900w graphically displays your flight path at all times, even when being vectored by ATC. This FMS Vectors™ capability allows you to fly the active leg of the flight plan via the map, and the FMS900w will calculate the transition from Enroute GPS phase to ILS intercept, draw a curved intercept flight path on the display, and provide wind-corrected roll steering commands to the autopilot—all without ever changing autopilot modes.

                                 R9 Service Advantages

R9’s modular blade architecture improves mission readiness & aircraft dispatch reliability. Each component in the system is a line-replaceable unit (LRU) that can be easily diagnosed and exchanged without replacing the entire IFD.


                                 R9 provides a significant increase in diagnostics capability for install and routine maintenance support.


                 Each IFD has a front-panel USB port that allows for easy loading of all database and software updates, including product   enhancements such as Enhanced Vision (EVS).


R9’s ease of use vastly reduces workload even in the most challenging environmental or airspace conditions.

R9 gives you the confidence to use your airplane the way it was meant to be used, be it VMC or single-pilot heavy IFR.

R9 enhances the value, safety and utility of your Extra 500 aircraft.