As Cessna’s initial entry into the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category, the two-place Model 162 SkyCatcher is creating a tremendous wave of interest. And Garmin is onboard with a new all-glass flight display system specifically designed to support the aircraft’s full day/night VFR mission capabilities. The versatile G300 suite replaces old-style mechanical gyro instruments with an all-in-one digital “command center” that promises significant advances in reliability, performance, and pilot situational awareness.

It’s a Complete Flight Package

An outgrowth of Garmin’s market-leading integrated flight deck systems, the new G300 Cessna package provides all primary flight, engine, and moving map information in a single split-screen LCD unit with built-in high-sensitivity GPS navigation receiver. An optional second screen allows this data to be displayed in separate full-screen PFD and MFD formats on the SkyCatcher’s panel. Other standard equipment will include a Garmin SL40 Comm radio and a Garmin GTX327 Mode C transponder. Plus, the G300 also has the capability to interface with SkyCatcher’s optional TruTrak autopilot and optional third-party audio panel.

A World of Capability Comes Standard

The new 162 SkyCatcher embodies all the fun-to-fly characteristics that generations of pilots have come to expect from Cessna’s single-engine lineup. And now, with Garmin’s G300 avionics, the flight experience becomes even more state-of-the-art. In the panel, a 7-inch high-definition WVGA display combines an edge-to-edge attitude indicator with vertical tape displays for airspeed and altitude. Below that, there’s an easy-to-read electronic HSI. And on the surrounding bezel, a rotary joystick cursor control helps simplify data entry, while accompanying softkeys are used for mode and menu selection. There’s also a front-loading SD card slot for software and database updates. Plus, a built-in aviation basemap provides the pilot with realistic chart-style visual navigation – showing cities, roads, rivers, lakes, airports, SUAs, and other important guidepoints enroute. Familiar VFR or airway-style IFR map modes can be selected. To help keep pilots aware of special airspace activity, over 683 parachute drop zones are detailed in the Americas navigation database. And for added safety, a color-keyed Terrain page (driven by a built-in elevation database) offers both overhead and vertical profile views of potentially hazardous terrain along one’s route of flight.

Chart Your Course Electronically

In addition to its aviation basemap imagery, the G300 also comes with initial Garmin FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi® pre-installed for U.S. buyers of the SkyCatcher. With Garmin SafeTaxi, pilots can access detailed airport diagrams and geo-referenced position information for over 900 U.S. airports. So, it’s a great feature to have when landing at unfamiliar airfields. In addition, the G300 also comes with preloaded AOPA Airport Directory data on over 7,400 U.S. airports, as well as airports of entry for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Fly with a Winning Attitude

Other highlights of the G300 system include the latest in GPS-aided digital ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude Heading and Reference Systems). Taking the place of outmoded gyromechanical inputs, this all-electronic, solid-state system uses technology adapted from Garmin’s high-end G1000 integrated flight deck to provide highly accurate and reliable referencing of aircraft position, rate, vector and acceleration data for all flight instrumentation. The SkyCatcher’s complete remote sensor package – including ADAHRS and EIS engine monitoring capability, plus magnetometer and temperature probe – takes up just a fraction of the space and weight previously required by conventional gyro-based instrument systems.

Care to Watch the Weather?

If you opt for SkyCatcher’s available dual-screen configuration, your G300 can also offer complete XM WX™ satellite weather capability, including NEXRAD imagery, METARS, TAFs, TFRs, winds aloft, echo tops, lightning, and more. (Subscriptions required; sold separately) The graphical weather data, which covers the U.S. and parts of Canada, can be overlaid directly on the G300’s MFD topographic map – to help you avoid hazardous weather and safely maintain VFR visibility. As an added bonus, there’s also a user interface that lets you use the built-in XM receiver to enjoy more than 170 channels of digital inflight entertainment via XM Radio (subscription required).

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Garmin is pleased to be partnering with Cessna on the exciting new SkyCatcher program. For more pictures and information, we invite you to check out Cessna’s website.

Note: G300 software updates are to be loaded by Cessna service affiliates only. These affiliates can link to for more information on downloading and installing G300 software.