Heads Up Technologies

PBS250 Passenger Briefing System

Not only is the PBS250 simple to operate, it's also simple to install and update.  The system is designed to accommodate specific briefing requirements, such as safety related scripts for Takeoff, Landing, and Turbulence messages.  Other messages, such as overwater briefings or explanations of cabin amenities and services can be added.  A briefing is no better than the original studio production. That's why Heads Up uses state-of-the-art digital recording equipment and professional voice talent.  Male or female voices are available. It's even possible to use your corporation's spokesperson for the ultimate in personalization.  The PBS250 can automatically advise passengers to fasten seatbelts whenever the seatbelt lights are illuminated. Other automatic messages are possible. Change scripts without removing the unit from the aircraft – simply download a new passenger briefing message from a laptop computer in just minutes.