PFD4000 Primary Flight Display



The PFD4000 is Avidyne’s new compact big-glass primary flight display system that is designed with the flexibility to be installed in a number of different aircraft types and configurations.

Designed as a “6-pack” replacement, the WAAS-compatible PFD4000 adds all the enhanced situational awareness and reliability benefits of an all-glass flight deck to virtually any general aviation aircraft.

The PFD4000 fits in virtually any panel space, conveying traditional primary flight instrumentation as well as a pilot-selectable moving map presentation of flight plan data and an RMI/Bearing pointer, all within the primary field of view, reducing pilot workload.

Installed with Avidyne’s versatile EX5000 or EX500 MFD – which shows navigation data, MultiLink™ datalink weather, lightning, traffic, obstacles, and terrain – Avidyne delivers a high-reliability glass flight deck solution with our hallmark “easiest-to-use” pilot/user interface.