Technisonic Industries


The Technisonic RC-6000 remote control head provides for remote slaved operation of TDFM-600 series dual band and the TDFM-6000 series multi-band airborne FM transceivers. This microprocessor controlled remote allows a second person at a location other than where the transceiver is mounted, to exercise channel and function control of all installed features. Selected frequency, alpha numeric identifier. operating mode and status are displayed for each band. Simultaneous operation on multiple bands from different locations in the aircraft can be controlled by the radio or the RC-6000 slave control and current information displayed is presented on both. The RC-6000 weighs just 16 oz. and requires less that 2 inches (mounting depth) behind the standard 5.75 in by 3.0 in. Dzus mount panel. Data transfer between the transceiver and RC-6000 is at 9600 baud via a three wire RS232 serial interface. The RC-6000 is available with red or green display (green standard) and 28 VDC or 5.0 VDC backlighting (28 VDC standard). Operating power requirement is 1.0 A (max) at 28 VDC.