SL 40

When panel space is at a premium, the compact SL40 comm and companion SL30 nav/comm transceiver fit a lot of capability in a surprisingly small package.

Save Space, Reduce Workload

The all-purpose, high-performance SL40 is packed with innovative features not found on competitive units. In its space-saving 1.3 x 6.25-inch design, SL40 incorporates pilot-friendly features such as active and standby flip-flop frequency tuning, direct sunlight-readable alphanumeric display, easy access to National Weather Service broadcasts, a two-place intercom and more.

With 8 watts of transmit power and only 35-watt DC input, the SL40 is cool and efficient. No external fans or cooling equipment are required. It also operates on 10 to 32-volt inputs without the need or expense of a separate voltage converter.

Never Miss a Transmission

The SL40's frequency-monitoring function gives you the ability to monitor ATIS or the 121.5 emergency frequency without leaving your assigned ATC channel. This allows you to listen to standby frequencies while giving priority to the active channel, meaning you'll never miss a transmission.