Heads Up Technologies

XMD076 Weather and XMD076A Weather and Radio Receivers

Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology and an OLED display, the XM radio functionality is managed via a remote control. The Bluetooth remote enables direct interaction with the XM audio programming by pilot or passenger, therefore retaining the aircraft MFD for more vital flight operations. The display screen provides information such as category/channel name, channel number, artist name, song title, resets, satellite and battery strength. The XMR050 radio receiver is ideal for single engine aircraft and can be installed standalone, or daisy-chained to the XMD076 receiver's 'antenna out' port in order to share the same antenna. Alternatively combine both radio and weather services into one receiver with the XMD076A. For existing Avidyne EX500 customers with datalink weather-only XMD076A receiver, Heads Up offers the ability to add XM's radio service. The innovative XMC050 Bluetooth Remote provides users with an extremely flexible and cost-effective approach for providing XM radio in their aircraft. With none of the 'line-of-sight' issues of infra-red technology, the Bluetooth Remote allows passengers anywhere in the aircraft to select audio programming, freeing the pilot to fly the airplane and monitor aircraft radio communication. This unit is used with equipment requiring RS 232 interface. It can be purchased with or without the WxWorx application software. Some applications interface the XMD076A to hardware with embedded software and therefore does not require Windows based application software.